Saturday, February 19, 2011

We + AVL.

The weather was SO beautiful yesterday. I took advantage of it as soon as I could by going for a walk with a girlfriend at the park.  Once we move, we'll be a lot closer to the park that I LOVE and it will be just in time for Spring!

Ray and I hung out downtown last night.  We walked the streets and enjoyed people watching...  always a very entertaining thing to do in Asheville!

It hit us last night that we've (finally) fallen in love with this place.  :) 

First, dessert.  Chocolate caramels and
coconut clusters. Yum!  

Ray laughing looking at people
dancing and hula hooping.

Drum circle - a Friday night event in Asheville!

We ended the night with a couple drinks at Biergarden.
For Ray: Blue Moon
For Kimberly:
Apple juice, I mean Harpoon Cider

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  1. Nice!! Glad y'all are loving the weather! We are too!! I hope it lasts until more cold weather please!! Love y'all!