Thursday, March 17, 2011

Muscle Pump

Right now, we're both trying to work on our eating habits.  Ray is doing a great job about trying to eat some leaner meats instead of burgers, ribs, etc. when we go out to eat.  He's also being more aware of how much calories/fat/sodium are in food before he eats it.  I'm trying to eat more mindfully and eat less sweets.  But, my biggest goal right now is strength training.  I've never strength trained consistently.  I always thought that cardio was more important than anything else.  (Ray has always told me otherwise.)  I finally took his advice to heart and I started going to a class called Muscle Pump at the Y.  It's every Tuesday and Thursday and it is tough!  My first class was on Tuesday and I went again today.  (I'm going to go every Tuesday and Thursday.)  I can seriously already feel a difference in my arms!  Of course, I'm sore everywhere, but I can really feel some muscles building in my arms.  Woo hoo!  I'm so excited about it that I had to post about it.  Haha.  I can't wait to see my body change because of it.

Oh, and it should make moving a little bit easier. ;)  

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